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"Brand Early, Not Often"

I fully believe the strongest part of your business is your foundation. Like building a house, you can't put a sturdy roof over your head without a solid foundation. So start off strong with a solid base; brand strategy, brand identity, and a killer website.

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At Tiny Design Studios, I believe that every brand should serve a specific purpose in it’s industry. To accomplish this I pride myself on a full service design to ensure you will appear more elevated than you were before. Because of this, you will never receive just a logo or a submark from me. The process of working with TDS is collaborative and designed to dive deep into your strategy and foundations before the design even begins! Tiny Design Studios does not take your investment lightly, I will treat your brand with care and intention, as I would my own. You can trust that your brand will be strategically designed, and you will be obsessed. I always make sure to guide you towards design decisions and suggestions that are ideal, and purposeful for your growth, strategy, audience and business!

"She truly understood my vision, elevating my business with her magic touch."

"Finding Sydney, and working with her throughout this journey has been incredible. With limited time on my end she has gone above and beyond to help get this completed. Sydney is so patient and blew my mind. She truly understood my vision, elevating my business with her magic touch. "

shelby layne anderson | layne & co.

"She brought my vision to life beautifully."

"Sydney was an absolute gem to work with, I can’t thank her enough! She brought my vision to life beautifully. She’s creative and punctual. I highly recommend working with Tiny Design studio! "

cassidee rae | summer blonde co.

"Her passion for this is clearly evident and she seems to truly enjoy this."

"I am so impressed with Sydney. Not only did she make a wonderful logo for my start up… she also educated us on the value of branding. Her passion for this is clearly evident and she seems to truly enjoy this. I am most thankful for how easy she made this process. She has continued to share her candor and expertise after the project was completed which I truly appreciate."


" I could not have done it without her!"

"I'm so happy I contacted Sydney to help launch my brand! She helped me organize my values and beliefs, curated my brand identity, designed my unique logo suite, and selected colors and fonts that represent my business! I could not have done it without her!"


 "Prior to meeting with Sydney, I did not realize how much intention goes behind designing your brand."

"Working with Sydney brought all of my sporadic ideas into a concrete brand that reflected exactly what I envisioned for Lions Ear. Prior to meeting with Sydney, I did not realize how much intention goes behind designing your brand. Sydney was able to guide me through the "why" for my brand, in order to create a brand that will truly make a difference. Working with Sydney took so much off my plate and handed it to a professional who truly takes pride in her brands."


Powerful brands share an impactful connection between captivating storytelling and purposeful design. Pair that with bomb copywriting and a killer website and you will become the talk of the town, nay, the nation! 

Fully custom, brand strategy, identity, copywriting and website to make your business desirable to the right audience (yours).

Brand & Web Design


2 weeks dedicated to YOU. Week one consists of your prework, gathering information for the project, and week 2 is an all the attention on you dedicated week for your brand & website to be designed and ready for launch in 5 days!


Sydney Walden

Elementary school special education teacher, turned mama, turned entrepreneur! The past few years of my life have been an extremely wild ride and I couldn't thank God enough for all the blessings I have been fortuned!

I am obsessed with designing colorful and exciting brands for other women working hard to make something incredible!

My favorite designs depict color merging with minimal - something not usually done! So, let's be rule breakers together! 

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Head over to the contact page and fill out my brand application. Completing this will promt a consultation call where we can get to know each other and find out if we would be a good fit!


After we decide we will be a good fit, we will begin strategizing your brand and creative direction. We will craft the messaging, the aesthetic, the feelings, and more to ensure the brand designs are on brand with your values.


Now we get to the fun part! Designing. This is where I will design and present your branding to you, and you will be able to have up to 3 revision rounds to ensure that your brand is a perfect representation of your business!


With your branding in place, we will begin the website design process. I do over slight copywriting based on your questionnaires, but you will have to provide most of the copy. I do recommend using my copywriter to ensure that your website's copy is on-brand, aligns with your values, and represents you well!


Finally, I will deliver your final branding files so you can shout your new brand from the rooftops, and develop your website to get it launch ready. Together we will launch your new brand and website with a sense of excitement and desire!!

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions


I strive to work with you collaboratively to create the brand of your dreams. I only take a few clients a year so I can make sure I have ample time and focus to dedicate to each of my clients. 
How it works... First we hop on a call and get to know each other to ensure that we vibe well, and that your goals are something that Tiny Design Studios will in fact be able to help you reach. If we don't feel like we're a good match, no worries! But if we do, oh the fun we're about to have! You experience with TDS will be so hands on and relaxed that you will feel like so much was accomplished and you barely had to do a thing!! Can't wait to chat with you!


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At the end of the project, once all elements and presentations are approved, I take every variation of the logo and patterns and duplicate them in every color in your color palette, plus a black and a white version. Then I export all in pdf, png, jpg, and svg files.



Yes I do! You will first pay the nonrefundable deposit to get to project started. Then, you will have a choice of 1 full payment, or 2-4 payments broken up throughout the length of the project on the 1st and/or 15th of the each month.

If you are going with an intensive service, you will pay the deposit to get started and then the full final payment will be due the day before our scheduled intensive week. You may choose to pay in full, or in two payments before the project starts!



Oh my gosh, yes! And I have to say it's been my favorite thing to do! There are so many benefits to a website in a week services. You get my undivided, uninterrupted flow of designing for a full week! No other projects, the kids are in extra daycare that week and I have the time and mental space to focus on your project! Not only that, but you get your brand and website up faster, which means you can launch sooner, which means you get to start making money sooner! How exciting would that be!

*Some exclusions do apply... It is nearly impossible to design and build an ecommerce site in one week unless you are prepared with the back end of all your products prior to our scheduled week. Other businesses that may not be a good fit are in-person based, or you're looking for a hefty site with a lot of copy!



Showit is the only platform I have found that allows full creative freedom in the design process and functionality of the site. I have also had the most experience working in Showit and feel like more of an expert on the platform. Showit offers incredible customer service and SEO settings that allow your site to run at top notch amongst competitors!

*I do work in Shopify for product based businesses and would be happy to discuss other platforms that may be a better fit for you and your business!



I do! I love continuing to work with clients on making sure your brand is consistent and up to date for years to come! 

Each month we will have a running list of tasks needed. Some may be one offs for that month (merch, photo styling, packaging), some may be recurring tasks that are completed by a certain date each month (newsletter design, blogs, social media graphics). You will receive a check in email on the 15th of each month to let you know how we are doing on hours that month. You may add hours at any time, but never subtract. In our monthly check in I may suggest more things we can accomplish that month if the hours are not being used fully, no wasting here!


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